Year 5

Year 5

Year 5 offers many wonderful opportunities that encourage students’ social, emotional, physical and academic development. Students engage in many open ended  learning experiences and  a variety of collaborative group investigations. At this level Bloom’s Taxonomy is introduced, to help the students learn 'a language of thinking' and identify and guide their own thought processes.

Students study the structural and language features of persuasive, informative, narrative, explanation, response and poetry writing genres. Spelling and grammar include the study of weekly spelling words, important grammar rules and the four spelling knowledges (phonological, visual, etymological and morphemic). Students read and view a variety of text types, including novels and examples of writing genres. Comprehension techniques are further developed through a range of reading response activities including Literature Circles and Guided Reading. 

A highlight of Year 5 is our  public speaking program. Students explore a range of speech writing strategies and develop their delivery skills through a variety of public speaking experiences. They develop their public speaking skills through writing and performing speeches, mini-debating and composing a monologue on a significant Australian migrant. The speeches are presented to their parents.

Students revise place value concepts to 10,000 and beyond. Knowledge of the four processes is consolidated and extended through problem solving incorporating fractions, decimals and chance outcomes. Measurement concepts include the investigation of area,perimeter and volume. Time concepts are developed through the study of timetables,schedules and 24-hour time. Students consolidate their mapping skills, including the use of grid references, cardinal points, key and scale. When considering statistics and probability, students gather categorical and numerical data and display this using appropriate graph types, such as a horizontal bar graph. A major focus is the practical application of knowledge through project work.

Another highlight is our economics fair, linked to financial mathematics, which provides a fun day for the whole school and raises money for charity.

The Year 5 camp is held at  Phillip Island Adventure Resort  in Term 2, for 3 nights. Going to camp assists students to learn many important life skills and  fosters independence.

As members of the senior school, students participate in our athletics carnival and cross country championships.

Our students in Year 5 and 6  learn French, in addition to Mandarin.  They have the opportunity to participate in an optional one week French trip to Noumea, New Caledonia. This trip includes French lessons, followed by practising French in the Noumea community / markets and shops. 

We offer many exciting incursions and excursions that link to our main area of investigation for the term. Aboriginal studies are integrated into literacy learning and public speaking. Science learning investigates States of matter ( chemical) and Solar system ( Earth and Space). Technology learning investigates the Solar system - investigating forces in a designed system.

Year 5 students continue to explore the impact of migration on Australian culture and society with a focus on the Victorian gold rush. They develop their understanding about the social, economical and political reasons people migrated to Australia from Europe and Asia and the experiences and contributions of particular migrant groups and prominent people within a colony. In Health, students investigate the mental and physical benefits of being healthy and active. They also explore ways that community services can assist them and how they impact the world around them. Students discuss the many factors that shape their own beliefs and values, recognising that these are unique to them and help to form their personal identity.

Our school student well being program is based on the 'Resilience, Rights & Respectful relationships'  program. We also develop mindfulness strategies.

The Year  5 coding program teaches NAO robotics and Tinkercad. Tinkercad teaches Year 5 student  how to design a 3D product, that can be tested and finally printed, using our 3D printer. Students investigate issues of modern communication and ‘Cyber-Safety’ through a class approach to blogging and computer use.Students further their research skills by using storyboarding, note-taking and graphic organisers to create a Claymation movie.

Our 'Swim and Survive'  program for Year 5 is an open water experience held at the beach by trained lifesavers. Learning about water safety is an essential survival skill.

Other activities will be placed on the Year 5 Edmodo page, as they occur.

Parent helpers

Parents are most welcome to help in our classrooms, in the library, on excursions and camps and on our parent group committee  and School Council committees.

All parents who assist in any way must have a Working With Children Check. This card must be presented at the office when parents sign in







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