Year 4

Year 4

Year 4 is an exciting, learning year consolidating  independent learning skills and curriculum knowledge. Students are encouraged to become more responsible for their learning and  set themselves realistic yet challenging goals. They are supported to identify strategies that can help them achieve success and monitor their progress each term. 'Thinkers Keys' are introduced to extend student thinking capacity.

Students read, view and interpret a range of fiction and non-fiction texts, encompassing various writing styles such as narratives, recounts, information reports, transactional and persuasive genres. They plan, draft, write and edit factual narratives, persuasive and transactional texts, information and scientific reports, poetry, and procedural texts. They apply appropriate grammar, spelling and punctuation. Students utilise different forms of digital media to research and present information. They consider the purpose and audience when planning, rehearsing and delivering oral presentations.We introduce Victorian cursive linked letter script, to develop a a fluent, attractive handwriting style. Students work towards earning their ‘pen licence', which they enjoy achieving.

The year 4 camp is held at Arrabri Lodge, in the Yarra Valley,for three nights  in Term 3. Going to camp assists students  to learn many important life skills and  fosters independence.

As members of the senior school, students participate in our athletics carnival, cross country championships, join the school choir/ band and complete ICAS competitions.

Our school student well being program is based on the 'Resilience, Rights &Respectful relationshops'  program, we also develop mindfulness strategies.

We offer many interesting  incursions and excursions  that link to our main area of investigations for the term. Aboriginal studies are integrated into literacy learning. Science learning investigates Life cycles and ecosystems ( Biological) and Heat and Forces ( Physical) . Technology learning investigates Using forces and materials to make a product. Health learning investigates Healthy relationships with self and others. Geography learning investigates Climates and countries around the world.  History learning investigates History of the First Fleet and Great journeys of exploration. Civics and citizenship learning investigates Local government and decisionmaking.

The Year 4 coding program teaches EV3, Scratch and Tinkercad. There is a 3D printer to support Tinkercad learning. Students investigate issues of modern communication and ‘Cyber-Safety’ through a class approach to blogging and computer use.

Other activities will be placed on the Year 4  blog, as they occur.

Parent helpers

Parents are most welcome to help in our classrooms, in the library, on excursions and camps and on our parent group committee  and School Council committees.

All parents who assist in any way must have a Working With Children Check. This card must be presented at the office when parents sign in

                                     'Great Journeys of exploration' incursion


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