Year 3

Year 3

 Year 3 students continue to learn through  differentiated learning activities, across all areas of the curriculum. These lessons  are designed to engage, challenge and motivate them.These include hands-on activities and  open-ended tasks that cater to their specific needs and ongoing projects. Year 3 students are encouraged to become more responsible for their learning and  set themselves realistic yet challenging goals. They are supported to identify strategies that can help them achieve success and monitor their progress each term.

This is the first year that students are part of the senior school. This means that they can now participate in their first athletics carnival, cross country championships, join the school choir and complete ICAS competitions.

The Year 3 camp is at Adanac camp, Yarra Junction  for one night, in Term 3. This is their first camp and we encourage all students to attend, to give  them opportunities to learn many important life skills.

Our school student well being program is based on the Resilience, Rights & Respectful relationships program and we  continue to develop mindfulness strategies for personal wellbeing.

We offer many exciting incursions and excursions that link to our main area of investigation for the term. Aboriginal studies are linked to literacy learning. Science learning covers Effects of adding and removing heat (Chemical) and Rotation and Erosion ( Earth and Space). Technology learning investigates Forces used to create movement. Health learning covers Healthy habits - medicines, food choices and daily routines. Geography learning covers Significant places in Australia.  History learning covers Changes over time in the local community and Significant celebrationsand commemorations from around the world.

The Year 3 coding program teaches EV3, making simple machines with lego and LightBot, a puzzle game based on coding that teaches programming logic.

Our Year 3 'Swim and Survive' program  is a water safety incursion, conducted by trained lifesavers.

Other activities will be placed on the Year 3  blog, as they occur.

Parent helpers

Parents are most welcome to help in our classrooms, in the library, on excursions and camps and on our parent group committee  and School Council committees.

All parents who assist in any way must have a Working With Children Check. This card must be presented at the office when parents sign in



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