Year 3

Year 3 at Glendal PS

 Year 3 students are involved in range of activities that are designed to engage, challenge and motivate them. These include hands-on activities, open-ended tasks that cater to their specific needs and ongoing projects. Year 3 students are encouraged to become more responsible for their learning and they set themselves realistic yet challenging goals. They are supported to identify strategies that can help them achieve success and monitor their progress each term.

This is the first year that students are part of the senior school. This means that they can now participate in their first athletics carnival and cross country championships, join the school choir and complete ICAS and Westpac Maths Competitions.

We offer many exciting incursions and excursions such as visits from StarLab, CSIRO Science in Schools, dramatic performances and other venues that link to our main area of investigation for the term.

 Year 3 students are also engaged in beginner robotics and technology studies.

 More information can be accessed via the following link:

Year 3 Curriculum download


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