Year 2

 Year 2 

 Year 2 students continue to develop learning independence and extend their literacy and numeracy skills. The children are engaged in challenging,differentiated  learning experiences. These activities cover all areas of the curriculum. Students continue to apply their knowledge and strategies to different problem solving contexts and real life scenarios. We provide a safe and stimulating environment,that nurtures and promotes the physical, social, emotional and cognitive development of each student.

During reading lessons, students use comprehension strategies to build literal and inferred meaning. They utilise punctuation to support phrasing and fluency when reading aloud, presenting to their peers and giving personal responses. Students explore and apply a range of spelling patterns and strategies. They utilise grammatical skills during writing sessions. Students focus on narratives, recounts, procedures, explanations and information reports, including appropriate sequencing of ideas and attention to text structure. They also refine their handwriting skills in preparation for cursive writing.  Through regular 'Share and Chat' sessions and the Year 2 Production students are provided with opportunities to refine their speaking and listening skills.

Students count and order numbers to at least 1000. Understanding place value is a continued focus. Students apply a variety of strategies to solve problems. They perform calculations using all of the operations and explore how they are related. They separate collections and shapes into given fractions. They tell time to the quarter-hour and use a calendar,exploring days,months and seasons. Students measure and order objects using informal and formal units. Students draw and identify the features of 2D and 3D shapes. They collect and display data in a variety of ways and analyse their findings.  They describe the outcomes of familiar events using language of chance and apply their mathematical knowledge to create and solve a range of everyday problems.

Year 2 is an extremely exciting year with the students being given the opportunity to develop their dramatic skills, by performing in the Year 2 Production. The students' participation in the production supports our school values. Our values are to develop respect for others through responsibilty, resilience, commumity, creativity and team work through drama,singing and dance.  

Our school student well being program is based on the 'Resilience, Rights & Respectful Relationships' program. We teach mindfulness activities, to develop individual wellbeing.

We offer many interesting  incursions and excursions that link to our main area of investigation for the term. Science learning covers Changes (Chemical) and Push and Pull  (Physical). Technology learning investigates Engineering (using materials to create a moving product). Year 2 students explore how they belong to a community, examining their own lives and interactions with others. They utilise world and state maps to investigate their position and develop geography skills. Students identify how they can keep themselves healthy, safe and happy. They focus on how their decisions affect others. Healthy eating and personal hygiene are explored in detail and the importance of being resilient and respectful is discussed. Students examine changes in technology over several generations. They compare past and present objects and photographs and discuss how the changes observed have shaped lives, specifically technology in relation to work, communication, travel and play.

The Year 2 coding program teaches OSMO,Sphero and We Do. The skills taught through these coding programs are integrated into class literacy and numeracy programs.

Our 'Swim and Survive' program at the Monash Aquatic centre is well attended, as learning to swim confidently is an essential survival skill.

Other activities will be placed on the Year 2 blog, as they occur.



Year 2 students wrote and read a variety of texts including information reports, procedures, poems and explanations. They concentrated on building comprehension skills during reading lessons and developed spelling strategies by applying known spelling patterns. Students developed their grammatical skills and refined their handwriting during writing sessions. They were provided with opportunities to develop their speaking and listening skills through regular Share and Chat sessions and the Year 2 Production.


Year 2 students performed calculations using all of the operations and explored how they are related. They separated collections and shapes into fractions. Students measured and ordered objects using informal and formal units. They described the outcomes of familiar events and applied their mathematical knowledge to solve a range of everyday problems. Students collected and displayed data in a variety of ways and were encouraged to analyse their findings.

The Humanities

Year 2 students explored examples of continuity and change in family life and the local area by comparing past and present. They identified perspectives about changes to daily life from people in the past or present. Students sequenced significant events throughout history and investigated special places in our community. They specified reasons why a place is considered important to different people and used their mapping skills to locate places in Australia.

Parent helpers

Parents are most welcome to help in our classrooms, in the library, on excursions and camps and on our parent group committee and School Council committees.

All parents who assist in any way must have a Working With Children Check. This card must be presented at the office when parents sign in





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