Uniform Suppliers and Lost Property

Glendal Uniform Supplier - Beleza Pty Ltd

Our school uniform is worn by all students and is supplied by Beleza Pty Ltd.

We have recently introduced our house uniform tops and they are very popular.

Web-site: www.beleza.com.au

Please check their website for opening hours.



Second-hand Uniform Shop                

The second-hand Uniform Shop is open every Monday morning from 8.50am – 9.30am in the Glendal Primary School Mi Café.  Cash only purchases are accepted.

School uniform donations are to be deposited in the blue bin located in reception. The blue bin also accepts very good condition second-hand educational games and books for the classrooms.

All proceeds from the sale of second-hand uniforms go directly to purchasing education games for the classrooms.

We would appreciate clothing that is size 12 and larger.

Lost Property Corner

Lost property is located outside the Nurse’s Health Centre in the Administration Building.

At the end of each school term, any unclaimed lost property is displayed outside the administration building for collection. All suitable items that are not claimed at the end of each term are used for spare clothes by the school nurse.

Parents, please make sure that all items of clothing, food containers and drink bottles are clearly labelled so that all items can be returned promptly to the classroom.

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