Transition Programs

Transition Program

An important feature of Glendal Primary School is the well established and successful transition programs.  One of our priorities is that all children new to Glendal feel happy and secure as quickly as possible.  This is achieved through explicit programs and a nurturing and caring staff.  We provide new children with a budy to help them familiarise themselves to our school and to settle in - our prep students have a year 6 buddy.

Our school has been selected to become a sponsored Better Buddies school  by the Alannah and Madeline Foundation.

"Through Better Buddies, children in their first and last year of primary school buddy up and learn the values: caring for others, friendliness, respect, valuing difference, including others and responsibility. All children in the school learn these values through formal and informal activities, including their interactions with the mascot Buddy Bear, our giant, fun-loving and caring purple bear.


Better Buddies enables younger children to feel safe and cared for while older children feel valued and respected.It is designed to enhance existing buddy programs or introduce a buddy program to primary schools for the first time. The evidence-based framework complements existing school welfare programs, is easy to implement and links to national curriculum initiatives".

For more information click here: Better Buddies


A structured approach to build happy, positive relationships with our upcoming Prep children starts at the beginning of each year and involves a series of interactions with the school, both  for the individual child and their parents.  These include:

  • A teddy bear evening in early Term 2 at which the current Preps and the prospective Preps take part in an evening of craft, singing and listening to teddy stories with their families.
  • Invitations to other whole school events, eg: the annual Book Fair, Grade 2 Musical production.
  • Four half day visits by our Prep teachers to our neighbourhood kindergartens in the first half of the year to build familiarity with our staff.
  • A parent evening in November, held to discuss the Prep transition process and expectations for the following year.  A comprehensive handbook on how to ensure  a smooth transition is provided for all families.
  • A formal program for enrolled students which takes place in Term 4 with a series of half day visits with classroom teachers and several specialists - Art, LOTE, Music and PE.
  • All incoming Preps receive a welcome letter with a photo from their own teacher.  Individual interview and testing times for all students are also provided.
  • Our prep children have well matched Grade 6 buddies to help them to happily settle into school life.  Their buddies also plan and implement fun literacy and numeracy activities to do with their buddies.
  • A Prep induction ceremony is held in Term 1 welcoming our Preps and their families to Glendal.  Later in Term 4, lovely performances lead our Prep graduation ceremony, a special event attended by families and Grade 6 buddies.

Grade 6

Our well developed and effective relationships with our main neighbourhood secondary colleges are very important in ensuring a smooth transition to secondary education.  Our students attend a wide range of local government and independent secondary colleges.

Our secondary transition program focuses on excellent communication between our local secondary college, parents and our school transition co-ordinators.

Each year several local secondary colleges visit Glendal, with past students, to talk to our Grade 6 students.  Secondary college information nights for parents are promoted in our newsletter and parents are encouraged to visit a range of secondary colleges.

Past Glendal students are invited back to speak to the current grade 6 students as part of a special unit of work completed in Term 4, focusing on transition and timetabling.

Our Grade 6 teaching, learning and homework program encompasses the development of academic skills as well as management and organisational skills.  Anecdotal and parent survey results indicate that our students are academically and emotionally prepared for the rigours of secondary college.

A half day orientation day for Preps and all other new students is held early in December.  For the older students they will visit their year level and are welcomed to the school by selected peers.  New children are paired with a 'buddy' to help them settle in and  learn their way around the school.  Our students are well known for their friendly inviting approach to including new children into their class.


Across and within the school

  • The initial 2 week Learning Community program in early February which develops social connections and common expectations regarding behaviour is underpinned by the You Can Do It program which is undertaken in P-6. This is a very positive start for all new students to Glendal.
  • In term 4 students from Year levels 1-6 visit the previous year group classes to talk about their experiences and what those students can expect when moving up to the next year level.
  • In preparation for French lessons in year 5 and 6 the year 4 students are involved in an introductory French lesson in Term 4
  • Presentations at school assemblies, for example by Music, Performing Arts, Science, Robotics, JEM club, overseas trip participants and class groups demonstrate learning experiences and programs at different year levels giving students information of what to expect as they move up through the school
  • Scheduled whole school performances by different year groups, including the Year 2 annual production and year 6 film festival, assist in promoting learning at a variety of year levels.
  • Where required we have sought the expertise of the DEECD Psychologist and Speech therapist to provide appropriate strategies to assist identified students with their learning and wellbeing.
  • All new students are invited to attend a half day transition visit early in December to meet possible friends for the upcoming year.
  • A “walk up” time is allocated for all students to visit their new classroom, teachers and meet their new class prior to the finish of the school year.




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