Student Wellbeing and engagement

Vision Statement

We educate and empower children to achieve their personal best and thrive in a our changing world.

Our Mantra

 'I am part of the team that inspires life long learning'. 

Glendal Values

Respect - Responsibility, Resilience, Teamwork, Creativity and Community.

All of our school programs are based on the above beliefs and a balance between academic and social emotional learning. Our student well-being program focuses on empowering students and building school pride. Our aim is to develop healthy, happy and resilient students, who display behaviours and attitudes that reflect our school values.

Our students have many opportunities to demonstrate student voice, agency and leadership. Growth in this area results in a significant improvement in motivation, wellbeing and achievement.

 We have many programs that develop personal responsibility and collective teamwork. Our unique Film Festival in Year 6, our  Joint Environmental Mission group (JEM) and Student Representative Council (SRC) student leadership groups and our entertaining Year 2 production are examples of how we build student capacity, enabling them to present their own ideas, opinions, knowledge and experience.

We are a founder school of the JEM program and our sustainability and environment education program is highly successful.

All students are given opportunities to develop their leadership skills. Our buddies program for Foundation and Year 6 students nurtures care, kindness and friendships. Our School Captains, House and Vice Captains have important roles and undertake extensive leadership training. Our active SRC and JEM student groups also participate in leadership training to teach them the skills required to contribute to areas of whole school decision making.

We are currently evaluating our whole school wellbeing program, as part of our School Strategic Plan. Programs that we are using include the 4R's - Resilience, Rights and Respectful Relationships ( the Department of Education program), 'You Can Do It', Mindfullness, yoga and wellbeing practices.


Is it Bullying?  What is it?



  • Everyone is having fun
  • No one is getting hurt
  • Everyone is participating equally

* Be careful of this one – you need to be sure that you know the person well and that they are definitely OK with it!



  • No one is having fun
  • There is a possible solution to the disagreement
  • Equal balance of power


  • Someone is being hurt on purpose
  • Reaction to a strong feeling or emotion
  • An isolated event (doesn’t happen regularly)



  • Attacked physically, socially, and/or emotionally
  • Unequal balance of power
  • Happens more than once over a period of time
  • Someone is being hurt on purpose




Glendal Primary School