Student representative Council



Refer to the attachments for the SRC- Mission statement and organisation document       

Term 1 - Training Day and Harmony Day

Term 2 - Anzac Day 2019

Term 3 - Community Helpers' Day 

Term 4 - Australian Defence force donations    




World Vision Sponsorship

Glendal Primary school has been sponsoring children through World Vision Australia, since 2001. In 20012, we started sponsoring Kavita Khatriya who lives in Raipur, India. Kavita lives with her parents and two sisters, Anita and Hina. She lives in a very poor area of the city. She is now 12 years old.

Glendal students write letters to Kavita and we receive letters in return. There are two display books full of her original letters and copies of letters we have sent. You are welcome to learn more about Kavita,  by using the World Vision website.





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