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2018 SRC representatives


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Term 1 - Training Day and Harmony Day

Term 2 - Anzac Day 2018 and NADOC week 

Term 3 - Pirate Day for children with brain cancer  

Term 4 - Australian Defence force donations    

Australian Defence Force      

Donation drive     

Dear Glendal Primary school students and parents,

We would like to invite you to participate in our efforts to donate boxes of happiness to people serving in the Australian Defence Force (ADF) during the holiday period.

Christmas has always been a joyous part of the year. You get presents, go on trips and spend time with your family. Unfortunately, workers of the ADF do not have as much fun as we do at Christmas. They don’t get a break and work tirelessly all year round. As they protect people and risk their lives, they should definitely receive gifts too!

Fortunately, we are sending boxes to members of the ADF, who won’t be visiting their family for Christmas. Inside these boxes you may put various items, but some items are restricted.  You will be receiving a message on Compass telling you what is allowed and what is not permitted to put in the boxes if you would like to help the ADF.

Bring your items into the conference room where the SRC students will collect them, soon put them into the boxes and eventually send them away. We would appreciate it if everyone could bring at least 1 item so we can make the ADF workers have a lovely Christmas!

Last year, we did this and when we got responses back from The Australian Defence Force, they had really enjoyed the items in the boxes and it made us feel good.

Hopefully you now know how hard the ADF workers work in their lives to protect people and we would love them to spend their summer happily!

So let’s get donating!

Thank you

The SRC committee                                               Update by Riveen and Siyansa


World Vision Sponsorship

Glendal Primary school has been sponsoring children through World Vision Australia, since 2001. In 20012, we started sponsoring Kavita Khatriya who lives in Raipur, India. Kavita lives with her parents and two sisters, Anita and Hina. She lives in a very poor area of the city. She is now 12 years old.

Glendal students write letters to Kavita and we receive letters in return. There are two display books full of her original letters and copies of letters we have sent. You are welcome to learn more about Kavita,  by using the World Vision website.