Foundation students participated in a range of physical activities on their own and with their peers. They continued to develop a range of fundamental motor skills. Students focused on throwing, catching, rolling, hitting and foot skills. This allowed them to develop their hand eye coordination, spatial awareness and team work skills.

Year 1 students focused on invasion games and key skills, including over arm and under arm throwing and catching. They developed these to apply in a competitive situation. Students progressed onto basketball where these key skills were utilised and further developed. They learnt how to pass and dribble in both non-competitive and competitive situations before playing in small sided basketball games.

Year 2 students developed their basketball skills working on passing, dribbling and small sided game play. This was a fantastic opportunity to put into practise the invasion game and coordination skills they had previously focused on. Dance sessions for the production were a highlight for all students.

Year 3 students had the fantastic opportunity to take part in a yoga unit. They learnt different yoga poses and how to sequence them, the importance of timing their breathing and how to meditate. Students developed and improved on their athletics skills; specifically focusing on jumping, throwing and running technique.

Year 4 students completed a basketball unit, developing key skills such as dribbling, passing and shooting. They worked on these in a non-competitive situation before putting these skills into practice and taking part in small games. Students continued to focus on different athletics events prior to the successful school athletics day.

Year 5 students developed their athletics skills in running, jumping and throwing events in preparation for athletics day. They practised all of the inter school sports activities before choosing a sport they would like to compete in for Year 6. Students developed specific skills for each sport, and developed tactical awareness and team work.

Year 6 students worked on their athletics skills in running, jumping and throwing events in preparation for athletics day. They also focused on touch rugby where they learnt to pass, defend and attack before developing their game play and tactics. This was a fantastic module that allowed students to consolidate many skills including communication, team work and spatial awareness in a game.

Our Year 6 students play inter school sports, during the year. There are many opportunities for students to compete in swimming, tennis, badminton and other sports at district, division and state level.






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