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Term 1 Final Assembly

Our end of term assembly will be held in our hall on Thursday 24 March commencing at 9.15am.  Our special visitor will be the Nao Robot from Swinburne University.

Harmony Day at Glendal PS

Monday 21st March, was Harmony Day. Harmony Day started with a BANG, the Harmony Day Committee talked to us about the importance of Harmony in our world. Some of the classes participated in Harmony Day Activities. To end the day, we had a Harmony Day Picnic, where we ate our cultural food. Harmony Day was a great success! 

By the Harmony Day Committee

Science room Hopping Mice

Hopping Mice Hopping Mice are quite unique animals. You don't find them in the average pet shop and they don't behave much like normal mice at all. They like to dig and they can hop just like kangaroos!Their native habitat is the sandy desert of Western Australia, the Northern Territory and South Australia and they can survive with very little water for long periods of time. 

Newsletter 2016

School commenced on Friday 29 January for our students and everyone is settled back int he school routine and looking forward to another exciting year of learning and opportunities.

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