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* Chess Victoria is the official chess organisation in Victoria. (They are part of Australian Chess Federation and they collaborate with other chess organisations from other states in Australia in organising national chess events).    

** Chess Kids is the organisation providing chess coaching in Glendal. Generally, their state final events are smaller in size (in terms of the number of participants).  

Chess Victoria Grand Final

Due to the growth in the number of schools and students participating in chess tournaments, Chess Victoria organised 5 rounds of semi-final events, during the last two weeks of October. A total of 100 schools (700 students) participated in these 5 rounds of semi-finals.  Out of the 100 schools, 24 schools qualified for the grand final. 

At the 7th of November grand final, each school sent their top 5 players and the schools played against each other on 5 boards (board 1 being the top player of our school playing against the top player from another school with the same principles for board 2 to board 5 players).  The Glendal team (in board order) were:  Xin, Jackie, Anderson, Damaris and Phi.

Glendal gained 2nd place in this tournament.  The school received a trophy and our 5 players each received a medal. On individual performance, Damaris and Xin received trophies for being the first and second girls in the event.