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Term 1 2018

 Our students enjoyed our 'Learning Community' program at the start of the year. This program focuses on students and staff building positive relationships and sets up our school expectations for learning and conduct. 

Our year 1 and 2 students have completed their swimming program.

Our Foundation students have settled into class routines and are enthusiastically enjoying their learning.

Our student leaders are completing a 5 week training program and our SRC ( student representative council) have completed a leadership day.

All Glendal students have happily engaged in their class programs.

Sumner School exchange visit

We are looking forward to the arrival of students and teachers, from Sumner school , Christchurch New Zealand.

They will will be arriving on Wednesday the 14th of March and leaving on Wednesday the 21st of March.

Our visitors will be participating in normal school programs and going on excursions to gain a  snapshot of Melbourne and surrounds.

Thank you to our host families, we appreciate your hospitality.

Our school values the links that we have with the Sumner community and we are keen to make their visit as memorable as possible.

Term 2 2018

Please note that Term 2 commences on Monday the 16th of April, at 9.00am.

We will have a Curriculum / staff professional learning day,  Tuesday the 12th of June.  The school will be closed on this day.

Glendal Twilight Picnic

On Friday the 2nd of March, we had a wonderful Glendal Family Picnic. It was a happy school community night, that was well attended. 

Thank you to our parent group who worked so hard to plan and organise the evening.

Our grade 3 musicians and Bollywood dancers were a feature of the evening.


Brochure and Poster by iBots robotics team

A poster to show the effects of waste and trash on our environment and our wildlife

OUR FUTURE DONT WASTE IT brochure to download

Please download our brochure which is designed to raise awareness of the need to recycle, put rubbish in the right bin, keep rubbish and trash out of the ocean, use less packaging and re-use materials and think about using less plastic such as plastic bags.

Science room news - Hopping Mice

Hopping Mice are unique animals. You don't find them in the average pet shop and they don't behave much like normal mice at all. They like to dig and they can hop just like kangaroos!Their native habitat is the sandy desert of Western Australia, the Northern Territory and South Australia and they can survive with very little water for long periods of time. 


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