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Term 2 2018

Throughout Term 2, students continue to build on their learning. At the start of the term, we held our first 3 way conferences, with students reporting to their parents about their learning, supported by their teacher. Teacher written reports will follow at the end of the term.

Book Fair  'Paws for Reading' - Thursday 3rd May - Thursday 10th May. This is an excellent opportunity for families to purchase quality books for a good price. A percentage of the proceeds returns to the school.

Inter school sport commences at the beginning of May for Year 6 students.

NAPLAN assessment - Tuesday 15th - Thursday 17th May for years 3 and 5 students

Education Week -  On Tuesday 22nd May, the school will be open for visits from 9.00 - 11.00am and then at night from 6.30 - 7.30. The theme is 'Celebrating the Arts'.

Year  6 camp to Canberra - Monday 14th - Friday 18th May

Year 5 camp to Philip Island - Tuesday 19th June - Friday 22nd June.

ICAS Science tests start this term for years 4 to 6 students.

Term 2 finishes on Friday29th June. Please note that we have a 2.30 finishing time.

Term 3 commences on Monday 16th July.

Please refer to Compass for all details about school events and other important information. The Newsletters will also give the latest information.


Brochure and Poster by iBots robotics team

A poster to show the effects of waste and trash on our environment and our wildlife

OUR FUTURE DONT WASTE IT brochure to download

Please download our brochure which is designed to raise awareness of the need to recycle, put rubbish in the right bin, keep rubbish and trash out of the ocean, use less packaging and re-use materials and think about using less plastic such as plastic bags.

Science news - Hopping Mice

Hopping Mice are unique animals. You don't find them in the average pet shop and they don't behave much like normal mice at all. They like to dig and they can hop just like kangaroos!Their native habitat is the sandy desert of Western Australia, the Northern Territory and South Australia and they can survive with very little water for long periods of time. 


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