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Enjoy a safe and happy school winter break

I wish everyone a safe and happy break.  Term 2 finishes at 2.30pm on Friday 30 June and re-opens on Monday 17 July.


Thank you to our parents and school community for all your support this semester.  Parent teacher interviews are going well with many happy faces to be seen around the school.  It is a wonderful time to celebrate our students achievements and progress this year.  Our prep children in particular have made spectacular progress in their learning and in their general growth in confidence and independence.  Congratulations.

Education Week at Glendal Primary School

Outside Broadcast

On Tuesday 23 May, during Education Week, we will be hosting an outside live radio broadcast from our school with Casey Radio / 3SER 97.7FM.

Tune in to 97.7 FM from 11.00am to 1.00pm to hear our students and teachers celebrate the Education Week theme of Healthy Mind, Healthy Body.

Welcome Back iBots

iBots robotics team 2017

 The iBots – Glendal Primary School Robotics - Please refer to the attached document for details and photos

Our school robotics team ‘iBots’ proudly represented Australia at the World Festival in Houston, Texas, on 19th April – 22nd April.

There were 108 teams representing different countries from around the world.

I learned that being part of a robotics team meant being able to cope with things not going according to plan (as we found out on competition day) and being able to bounce back and re-strategise.     By Chiara

I really enjoyed meeting other teams and learning new things!

Also, there was an Innovation faire in our building where they had technology like Virtual reality and cool robots made to perform certain tasks. The coolest part of the innovation faire for me was “Dragon's Breath”- you chew crackers dunked into the liquid nitrogen and you can see your breath.   By Dennis

The chance to go to this event and meet so many creative kids who share their love for science and technology, was amazing. I was very proud to represent Australia, see numerous teams and obviously, have fun!    By Danil

I also learnt many teamwork skills and problem solving skills.  I loved going to everyone’s booth and learning about their projects and their culture.    By Ashwin

It is very hard for me to decide on JUST ONE favourite out of all the fun, bright experiences that I had. One of my favourites was peeking into the FIRST Tech Challenge and FIRST Robotics Competition (A competition for older kids with more interesting and heavy robots). I also liked how we traded badges and local goods and of course the Glendal iBots “shop”!   By Joel







PDF icon iBots report Championship USA.pdf731.37 KB

Term 2 2017

Please note that Term 2 commences on Wednesday 19 April 2017. 

Monday 17 April is a public holiday for Easter Monday and Tuesday 18 April the school is closed for a Curriculum / staff professional learning day.

Our last Curriculum / staff professional learning day for 2017 is Friday 9 June (also in Term 2).  The school will be closed on this day.

Glendal Harmony Day

Harmony Day at Glendal Primary School

Our diversity makes Australia a great place to live. Harmony Day is a celebration of our cultural diversity – a day of cultural respect for everyone who calls Australia home. Harmony Day is held every year on 21 March. At Glendal, we will also celebrate on 21 March by dressing in cultural dress or the colour orange which signifies social communication and meaningful conversations. We will hold a special assembly outside the Mi Cafe between 9-9.30 and parade our cultural dress or orange. We also encourage students to bring food from their own culture for lunch and sit outside for a picnic. Please note that students cannot share their food.  




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