Curriculum at Glendal Primary School

Glendal Primary School provides a differentiated academic curriculum tailored to meet the needs of all our students. This means that learning programs are designed to meet the needs of all children, so that they are all challenged to extend their learning every day in every classroom.

Our curriculum is based on the new Australian Curriculum (AusVELS) Australian Victorian Essential Learning Standards which promotes learning in the following domains: Health and Physical Education; Interpersonal Development; Civics and Citizenship; The Arts (Music, Visual and Performing Arts); English; The Humanities (Economics, Geography and History); Languages Other Than English (Mandarin Chinese); Mathematics; Science; Communication; Design, Creativity and Technology; Information Communication Technology (ICT) and Thinking Processes. Importantly, our teaching and learning program is supported by a Nationally recognised student wellbeing program which promotes Social Emotional Learning (Emotional Intelligence) and Habits of the Mind. Our programs develop the type of thinking and skills needed to prepare our students for successful life and work in a globalised economy.

Our Languages Other Than English (LOTE) program consists of Mandarin Chinese from Prep to year six and in addition French in years five and six.  OUr LOTE programs are supported by the opportunity to spend 8 days in Noumea (French immersion program ) and / or 8 days in China (Mandarin immersion program ).

Music Makes the Difference - Why do we learn Music?

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Reading Recovery

Glendal offers students in Grade One the opportunity to participate in a series of individual literacy lessons in addition to their classroom Early Years Literacy program. This is for those students who, after their first year of formal schooling, are experiencing difficulty with reading and writing. Each lesson goes for thirty minutes, five days a week for a period of up to twenty weeks. Reading Recovery accelerates student learning and gives the selected students intensive teaching in the skills and strategies needed to be successful readers and writers.

Online Maths

The children at Glendal Primary School are able to access smartkiddies which is an interactive website with a range of maths games and activities. Teachers can personalise learning by setting tasks that meet the needs of all children and can monitor their progress as tasks are completed.

Smartkiddies can be accessed from home so that children can complete 2 homework tasks per day that are set by class teachers. Parents have the option of paying a subsricption that allows their children 24 access to all activities on the website.

We encouarge you to havelook at Smartkiddies by clicking on the link below:


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Please note that in addition to our Mandarin, Prep - year 6, language program we have recently introduced French in years 5 and 6. This is proving to be very popular.


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